Pure Design MB12 Power Bike
Pure Design MB12 Power Bike
Pure Design MB12 Power Bike

Pure Design

Pure Design MB12 Power Bike

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The Pure Design MB12 Power Bike is the newest innovation in the Pure Design range of sport-based ergometers, meticulously engineered to bring the exceptional features of our renowned Indoor Rowers and SkiErgs to the cycling world. The MB12 boasts a sophisticated flywheel system that leverages air resistance to deliver a smooth and quiet ride, dynamically responding to the rider's effort. The inclusion of a damper as adjustable gearing allows users to tailor the resistance to their preference, ensuring a customizable and engaging workout experience. Unique to the Power Bike is its clutch system, mirroring the real-life cycling experience by allowing the flywheel to continue spinning when pedaling ceases.

Equipped with a backlit Bluetooth Performance Monitor, the MB12 offers comprehensive tracking of essential workout metrics, including time, RPM, time per kilometer, cycle level, watts, average watts, drag factor, heart rate, total distance, and calories burned. The built-in Polar wireless heart rate receiver further enhances the training capabilities, ensuring precise monitoring. Designed with user comfort and convenience in mind, the cycling saddle is fully adjustable for various riding positions, and the bike features a rear handle for easy transportation. With 10 levels of air resistance, the Pure Design MB12 Power Bike provides a versatile and immersive cycling experience, making it an ideal choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking a high-performance ergometer.


  • Air resistance flywheel with adjustable damper.
  • Clutch system, 10 resistance levels, backlit Bluetooth monitor.
  • Tracks time, RPM, watts, heart rate, distance, calories.
  • Adjustable saddle, Polar receiver