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Speed Ball Swivel
Everlast Universal Heavy Bag Hanger Everlast Universal Heavy Bag Hanger
Save $71
Reeplex Commercial Boxing Bag BracketReeplex Commercial Boxing Bag Bracket
Reeplex Commercial Boxing Bag Bracket
Sale price$129.00 Regular price$200.00
Everlast Speed Ball Bracket and Speed Ball Kit
Save $51 Clearance
Everlast adjustable speedball platform
Everlast Adjustable Speedball Platform
Sale price$199.00 Regular price$249.99
Everlast Foldable Heavy Bag Hanger
image of Everlast Heavy Bag Stand
Everlast Heavy Bag Stand
Sale price$329.99
Everlast Heavy Duty Boxing Bag And Speedball Stand
Everlast Heavy Bag Stand + 4ft Everlast Punching Bag SetEverlast Heavy Bag Stand + 4ft Everlast Punching Bag Set
Everlast Boxing Stand with 3ft Boxing Bag & Speed BallEverlast Boxing Stand with Boxing Bag & Speed Ball
Everlast Boxing Stand with 4ft Boxing Bag & Speed BallBoxing Stand 4ft Punching Bag and Speed ball Set

Shop All Boxing Mounts & Stands for Your Home or Commercial Gym at Dynamo Fitness

In fitness and boxing, the gym equipment you use can make a world of difference in your training efficacy. Boxing mounts and stands, often underappreciated, are vital components in this equation.

At Dynamo Fitness Equipment in Australia, we recognize the significance of these essential gym equipment and offer an extensive range tailored to both commercial facilities and home gyms. Dive in as we unravel the various facets of boxing mounts and stands, helping you make an informed choice for your boxing journey.

What are Boxing Mounts and Stands?

Boxing mounts and stands are pivotal components of a boxer's training regimen. These equipment pieces act as the anchor, securely holding punching bags to allow boxers, whether beginners or professionals, to practice their technique, agility, and strength.

They are tailored to ensure that each punch, jab, or kick is delivered safely without the bag shifting or falling, offering a seamless and uninterrupted training experience.

The Benefits of Boxing Mounts and Stands:

Stability and Safety: Boxing mounts and stands offer a stable platform, minimizing the risk of injuries. With them, users can be confident that the bag won’t topple over, ensuring a safe environment for vigorous workouts.

Space Optimization: These stands and mounts can be strategically positioned in a gym or home setup to make the best use of available space, be it in a sprawling commercial facility or a compact apartment.

Versatility: From practicing footwork to honing punch techniques, boxing mounts and stands facilitate a wide variety of boxing exercises.

Noise and Vibration Reduction: They are designed to absorb the shock from each punch, mitigating the noise and vibration, which makes for a quieter workout environment.

The Usage of Boxing Mounts and Stands:

Whether you're a seasoned boxer or someone looking to pick up the sport as a fitness routine, the proper use of boxing mounts and stands can significantly enhance your training. By anchoring the punching bag firmly, they allow for rigorous training sessions that improve stamina, coordination, and punching technique.

Their placement, whether wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted, can also aid in simulating real-life boxing scenarios, preparing boxers for actual bouts.

Types of All Boxing Mounts and Stands:

Heavy Bag Stands

These freestanding structures are predominantly crafted from durable materials like steel. Their portability allows them to be repositioned, making them a versatile choice for dynamic training spaces.

Wall-mounted Brackets

Ideal for spaces with limited room, these brackets are affixed directly to walls, ensuring that the punching bag remains suspended at a desired height without occupying floor space.

Ceiling-mounted Hooks

Perfect for facilities with high ceilings, these hooks are secured overhead, providing an alternative setup for those looking for a traditional boxing environment.


How do I choose the right type of boxing mount or stand?

The choice largely depends on your available space and training preferences. For limited spaces, wall-mounted brackets might be ideal, while those with more room might prefer heavy bag stands.

Are these mounts and stands suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

While they are primarily designed for indoor use, certain models might be suitable for outdoor use if they are made from weather-resistant materials.

How do I maintain my boxing mount or stand?

Regularly inspect for any wear and tear, tighten any loosening screws or bolts, and keep them clean from dust or debris.

Are there weight limits to these stands and mounts?

Yes, each type has a specific weight capacity. Always check the manufacturer's guidelines before mounting a heavy bag.

Can I install these mounts and stands myself?

While some might be easy to set up on your own, others, especially wall or ceiling mounts, might require professional installation to ensure safety.

Level Up Your Boxing Skills with High-Quality Boxing Mounts & Stands

Enhancing your boxing training regimen requires the right fitness equipment, and boxing mounts and stands are no exception. They provide the necessary stability, safety, and versatility that every boxer or fitness enthusiast needs.

For those in Australia seeking unparalleled quality in gym equipment, Dynamo Fitness Equipment is your go-to destination. Our vast collection of gym equipment is not just limited to boxing extends to a wide range of gym essentials. Browse our extensive lineup online or experience it firsthand in our mega-stores located in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth. Need more insights or have queries? Reach out to us. Your fitness journey deserves the best, and we're here to ensure just that.