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Impact EX Punch Mitt
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Everlast Tempo Bag Glove + Mitt Combo Kit
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Everlast Advanced Glove & Mitt Combo 10OZ
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Everlast Elite Punch Mitts
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Everlast Tempo Bag Glove + Mitt Combo Kit
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Shop Focus Pads, Boxing Mitts & Focus Pad Kits in Australia

Boxing coaching wouldn't be complete without boxing pads. These essential mitts shield trainers, taking on the brunt of powerful punches and safeguarding against potential injuries during sessions. No training drill feels truly whole without the trusty boxing target pad in tow. Be it the precise focus mitts or the versatile punch paddles; their primary role remains the same: maximizing every trainee's potential.

For enthusiasts of kickboxing, Muay Thai, and various Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) forms, these pads are indispensable. They sharpen speed, amplify power, and refine precision, acting as the cornerstone for mastering martial arts techniques.

What Are Focus Pads?

Focus pads, also known as focus mitts, punch mitts or target pads, are essential training tools designed for combat sports enthusiasts. These padded mitts are worn by a training partner or coach and are used to catch punches thrown by the boxer or martial artist. Serving as moving targets, they help in honing a sportsperson’s precision, speed, and power.

Why Are Boxing Mitts Essential in Boxing Training?

Focus pads are not just about catching punches. They're tools to refine your striking technique. Each pad session can be an avenue to fine-tune your punches, ensuring that every strike lands just right.

With a coach or training partner wearing these pads, instant feedback is provided. If a punch doesn’t land as intended or lacks power, adjustments can be made on the spot.

High-quality focus pads do more than improve your game. They protect both the striker and the pad holder. A well-constructed pad absorbs the force of the strike, preventing injuries and ensuring that training sessions are as safe as they are productive.

Benefits of Using Best Focus Pads for Heavy Hitting

  • Regular training with focus pads sharpens the coordination between the eyes and the striking hand, ensuring accurate punches that hit their intended target.
  • Quick and unpredictable movements of the pad holder challenge the striker to react swiftly, refining their reflexes and reaction time.
  • Continuous sessions with focus pads elevate the heart rate, aiding in cardiovascular conditioning and enhancing overall stamina.
  • The resistance offered by the pads during striking allows fighters to enhance their punch strength and muscle power.
  • Focus pad drills simulate real fight scenarios, helping fighters anticipate and respond to opponents' moves during actual bouts.
  • Successfully landing strikes and mastering complex combinations on focus pads builds a fighter's confidence in their techniques.
  • While focus pads mainly cater to offensive training, they also aid in defensive maneuvers as fighters dodge or block the swipes made by pad holders.


How do you use focus pads?

To use focus pads, one person (the holder) wears the pads on both hands while the other person (the striker) throws punches at them. The holder presents the pads as targets, moving them to simulate different punches or combinations, while the striker aims to hit them accurately.

Can you kick focus pads?

While focus pads are primarily designed for punching, they can also be used for basic kick drills. However, for more intense kicking training, Thai pads or kick shields are more appropriate due to their size and padding.

How do you hold a focus pad?

Hold a focus pad by slipping your hand into the glove-like pocket on the backside. Your fingers should grip the top part of the pad. Present the pad towards the striker, keeping your elbows bent and close to your body to absorb the impact of the punches and protect yourself.

How do you use Thai pads?

Thai pads are larger than focus pads and designed for both punches and kicks. One person holds the pads while the other strikes. The holder grips the handles on the back of the Thai pads and secures them with the attached straps. They then present the pads as targets for various strikes, including punches, elbows, kicks, and knee strikes.

Is a hook better than a jab?

Neither a hook nor a jab is inherently "better" as they serve different purposes. A jab is a straight punch used for distance, measuring an opponent, or setting up combinations. A hook, on the other hand, is a curved punch often used for generating power and targeting the side of an opponent's head or body. The effectiveness of each punch depends on the situation and the strategy employed by the boxer.

Dynamo Fitness Stocks Focus Pads & Mitts for Beginners and Advanced Level Boxing

Our boxing pads and punching bags are engineered for resilience, crafted with top-grade materials that withstand even the most ferocious punches and prolonged sparring sessions. Despite their robust nature, these boxing mitts are surprisingly user-friendly and easy to maintain, promising both comfort and a secure grip.

Everlast and Sting lead the way with their diverse array of mitts, focus pads, kick pads, and punching paddles. Catering to various users, they come in a range of weights, cushioning options, colors, and sizes, perfect for everyone from beginners to professional boxers.

At Dynamo Fitness, we make acquiring your boxing accessories a breeze. Our prompt and hassle-free shipping options ensure that your desired boxing gear is delivered right to your doorstep. Or, if you'd prefer to experience our outstanding boxing collection firsthand, visit our showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Open seven days a week for your convenience.

Whether you're a gym, a club, or an individual seeking top-tier combat sports gear, we've got you covered with competitively priced offerings tailored to your needs.