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Harbinger Pro Thumb Loop Wrist Wrap
Sting Heavy Duty Figure 8 Lifting Straps
Sting Heavy Duty Lifting Straps
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Sting Elasticised Lifting Wrist Wraps
Sting Elasticised Lifting Wrist Wraps
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Sting Power Pro Wrist Cuffs
Sting Power Pro Lifting Straps
Heavy Duty Nylon Lifting HooksHeavy Duty Nylon Lifting Hooks
Sting Power Pro Lifting Hooks
Sting Elasticised Lifting Knee Wraps

Shop Lifting Straps and Lifting Wraps for Weightlifting, Gym, & Boxing

If you're serious about lifting, you've likely heard about lifting wraps and straps. Maybe you've seen them at your local gym but weren't quite sure what they're for. Lifting wraps and straps are essential tools for anyone looking to advance in their strength training journey safely and effectively. Shop our collection now to find the perfect lifting gear and gym equipment tailored to your needs!

Wrist Wraps vs Lifting Straps

These are stretchable fabric strips designed to wrap around your wrists. They offer additional support to your wrist joints, aiding in stability and alignment during heavy lifting. Many lifters use them for exercises like bench presses, shoulder presses, and various other lifts where wrist stability is crucial.

Unlike wraps, lifting straps are non-stretchable fabric loops that you wrap around your wrist and the barbell, dumbbell, or any other weightlifting equipment. They function to improve your grip, allowing you to lift heavier weights without worrying about the bar slipping from your hands.

Benefits of Lifting Wraps & Straps: Elevate Your Weightlifting Game

Enhancing Weightlifting Exercises

When you're tackling exercises like deadlifts, rows, and pull-ups, your grip strength can often become the limiting factor. This is where lifting straps come into play. They significantly boost your weightlifting capacity and reduce hand and forearm fatigue. This allows you to complete more reps, maximizing the effectiveness of your workout.

Maintaining Proper Form and Grip

One of the overlooked benefits of using lifting straps is their ability to maintain proper form during exercises. Imagine being midway through a deadlift and feeling the barbell slip from your hands; that’s a recipe for injury and poor performance. Lifting straps help prevent this scenario by securely holding the weight.

Why Wrist Wraps are a Must-Have for Strength Training

Increased Stability and Improved Performance

Wrist wraps are more than just a fashion statement in the gym. These supportive accessories offer a plethora of benefits, starting with increased stability during lifts. The added support enables you to perform at your peak, pushing your limits without compromising your wrists.

Injury Prevention and Enhanced Recovery

The wraps play a crucial role in minimizing injury risks. By offering peace to the wrist joint, they allow for better control during heavy lifting sessions. If you're recovering from a wrist injury, the support from the wraps can aid in rehabilitation.

Before incorporating wrist wraps into your routine, consulting a fitness professional or healthcare provider is advisable for personalized guidance.

Need Quality Lifting Gear? Choose Dynamo Fitness

Our wrist wraps offer adjustable support to stay put during your workout. Ideal for push days. Crafted from padded cotton, our wrist straps provide a secure grip for any weight. Perfect for pull days.

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