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image of 3kg Olympic Slam Ball3kg Olympic Slam Ball showing the logo
3kg Slam Ball
Sale price$18.60 Regular price$20.70
image of 4kg Reeplex Slam Ball4kg Reeplex Slam Ball showing the logo
4kg Slam Ball
Sale price$21.50
image of 6kg Slam Ball Reeplex6kg Slam Ball Reeplex showing the logo
6kg Slam Ball
Sale price$25.00
Roller Ball BodyWorx
Roller Ball BodyWorx
Sale price$29.99
PTP Pilates Balls ComboPTP Pilates Balls Combo
PTP Pilates Balls Combo
Sale price$29.99
image of 8kg Reeplex Slam Ball8kg Reeplex Slam Ball showing the logo
8kg Slam Ball
Sale price$30.00
image of a 10kg slam ball10kg Slam Ball
10kg Slam Ball
Sale price$32.00
image of 12kg Slam Ball12kg Slam Ball
12kg Slam Ball
Sale price$37.00
image of BodyWorx Anti-Burst Gym Ball
image of BodyWorx Balance Cushion
BodyWorx Balance Cushion
Sale price$49.99
Save $10
image of 15kg black slam balllogo of 15kg
15kg Slam Ball
Sale price$49.99 Regular price$60.00
image of BodyWorx Anti-Burst Gym Ballimage of Pump Gym
image of 3kg reeplex wall ball
3kg Reeplex Wall Ball
Sale price$56.00
anti-burst gym ball 75cm blackanti-burst gym ball 75cm black
3kg - 8kg Slam Ball Set 3kg - 8kg Slam Ball Set
3kg - 8kg Slam Ball Set
Sale price$95.10
Save $15
image of Reeplex Balance Dome with StrapsReeplex Bosu Balance Ball with Training Bands Full Demo
Reeplex Bosu Balance Ball with Training Bands
Sale price$134.99 Regular price$149.99
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3kg - 10kg Slam Ball3kg - 10kg Slam Ball
3kg - 10kg Slam Ball Set
Sale price$127.10
Sold out
3 kg - 12 kg slam balls positioned in a V formation3 kg - 12 kg slam balls positioned in a line formation
3kg - 12kg Slam Ball Set
Sale price$164.10
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3kg - 15kg slam ball set 3kg - 15kg slam ball set
3kg - 15kg Slam Ball Set
Sale price$214.09
Sold out
3kg - 20kg slam ball set 3kg - 20kg slam ball set
3kg - 20kg Slam Ball Set
Sale price$282.09
Sold out
1kg-10kg Medicine Balls + Storage Rack1kg-10kg Medicine Balls + Storage Rack
Sold out
3kg - 30 kg slam ball package3kg - 30 kg slam ball package

Medicine Balls

We stock the popular range of medicine balls from 1kg to 10kg. These Medicine balls are a great exercise tool to help you build strength and improve cardiovascular endurance and are perfect for everyone, from beginners to seasoned athletes. Our medicine balls come with a textured grip making them easy to hold and exercise with, along with weight stamped logo so you can grab a ball and start training today.

Slam Balls

Want a great cardiovascular strength-building workout? Then you need slam balls. Slam balls or dead balls come in a range of sizes from 3kg to 70kg. These balls are perfect for slamming down utilizing the entire body from your arms, shoulders, core, legs and back.

Wall Balls

With Wall Balls, they are larger, softer designed exercise balls perfect for throwing, catching, squatting and allowing you to get a great workout wherever you are. Wall balls come with a large 35cm standard diameter and feature a softshell design while maintaining the roundness of a ball, so they are easier to catch and carry.

Gym Balls

Gym balls come in various sizes from 55cm, 65cm to 75cm. These larger air-filled balls are anti-burst and are a great fitness tool to improve strength, stability, balance, and endurance

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