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image of Reeplex Commercial Rig Pull Up Bar 1.1mReeplex Commercial Rig Pull Up Bar 1.1m
image of Reeplex Commercial Rig J Hooks PairReeplex Commercial Rig J Hooks Pair
Reeplex Wall Ball Target for Freestanding RigReeplex Wall Ball Target for Freestanding Rig
image of Reeplex Commercial Rig Pull Up Bar 1.8mReeplex Commercial Rig Pull Up Bar 1.8m
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Reeplex Commercial Boxing Bag BracketReeplex Commercial Boxing Bag Bracket
Reeplex Commercial Boxing Bag Bracket
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Reeplex Rig Dip BarsReeplex Rig Dip Bars
Reeplex Rig Dip Bars
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image of Reeplex Commercial Safety Spotter Arm PairReeplex Commercial Safety Spotter Arm Pair
Reeplex Commercial Rig Upright 2.4m Reeplex Commercial Rig Upright 2.4m
Commercial Rig Upright 2.7m ReeplexCommercial Rig Upright 2.7m Reeplex
Commercial Rig Upright 3.5m ReeplexCommercial Rig Upright 3.5m Reeplex

Reeplex Squat Rigs Parts

Dynamo Fitness offers the latest in-stock squat rigs parts for Reeplex squat racks. Every power rack emphasizes adaptability, and to amplify this, we present a diverse range of add-ons and bespoke attachments. This commitment ensures that you can mold your setup precisely to your liking.

For an in-depth look, click on any Reeplex squat rigs parts and find comprehensive data, suitability insights, firsthand user feedback, and straightforward purchasing options.

The Different Reeplex Squat Rig Parts

Here are the primary parts and attachments that can be found on or added to a squat rig:

Upright Posts: These are the vertical supports that give the rig its height and primary structure. They typically have holes to adjust the height of J-hooks, safety arms, and other attachments.

Crossbars: These horizontal supports connect the upright posts and provide stability to the rig.

J-Hooks (or Barbell Hooks): These are adjustable brackets attached to the uprights where you rack and unrack your barbell.

Safety Arms or Safety Pins: These are horizontal bars or rods that can be set at various heights to catch the barbell if you fail a lift. They provide a safety net when squatting or bench pressing without a spotter.

Pull-Up Bars: Squat rigs come equipped with a pull-up bar at the top, allowing the user to do pull-ups, and chin-ups, or use it for suspension training systems.

Dip Bars: Attachable bars that protrude outwards, allowing the user to perform dips for triceps and chest development.

Spotter Arms: Shorter than safety arms, these are meant for temporary spotting assistance during exercises like the bench press.

Shop Reeplex Squat Rig Attachments and Accessories

Engineered with adaptability at the core, our rig setups are your canvas for bespoke gym configurations. Tailor your experience with a spectrum of Reeplex rig parts from essential J-hooks and safety-focused spotter arms to game-changing accessories like extending arms, safety spotters, and pull-up bar designs. Stow your equipment effortlessly with our suite of storage solutions.

Having trouble selecting the perfect parts for Reeplex rig? Whether you're chasing a distinct rig design, require installation guidance, or simply wish to know the pricing of our rig parts and enhancements, give us a call at 1300 85 65 42. We also provide secure shipping and professional installation services across Australia. Contact us today.