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PTP Mediband Ultra LightPTP Mediband Ultra Light
PTP Mediband Ultra Light
Sale price$14.99
PTP Mediband LightPTP Mediband Light
PTP Mediband Light
Sale price$15.99
PTP Mediband MediumPTP Mediband Medium
PTP Mediband Medium
Sale price$16.99
PTP Mediband HeavyPTP Mediband Heavy
PTP Mediband Heavy
Sale price$17.99
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Reeplex Resistance BandsReeplex Resistance Bands
Reeplex Resistance Bands
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PTP Mediband UltimatePTP Mediband Ultimate
PTP Mediband Ultimate
Sale price$19.99
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image of Mini Strength Resistance Bands Set of 5Mini Strength Resistance Bands Set of 5
Mini Strength Resistance Bands Set of 5
Sale price$29.99 Regular price$40.00
PTP Powertube+ Ultra LightPTP Powertube+ Ultra Light
PTP Flexiband SmallPTP Flexiband Small
PTP Flexiband Small
Sale price$29.99
PTP Flexiband MediumPTP Flexiband Medium
PTP Flexiband Medium
Sale price$29.99
PTP Flexiband LargePTP Flexiband Large
PTP Flexiband Large
Sale price$29.99
PTP Powertube+ LightPTP Powertube+ Light
PTP Powertube+ Light
Sale price$32.99
PTP Powertube+ MediumPTP Powertube+ Medium
PTP Powertube+ Medium
Sale price$34.99
PTP Powertube+ HeavyPTP Powertube+ Heavy
PTP Powertube+ Heavy
Sale price$36.99
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Reeplex Fabric Booty Bands Set of 3Reeplex Fabric Booty Bands Set of 3
Reeplex Fabric Booty Bands Set of 3
Sale price$39.99 Regular price$70.00
PTP Mediband Plus PackPTP Mediband Plus Pack
PTP Mediband Plus Pack
Sale price$39.99
PTP Powertube+ UltimatePTP Powertube+ Ultimate
PTP Powertube+ Ultimate
Sale price$39.99
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Multi-Resistance Training Band Kit Multi-Resistance Training Band Kit
Multi-Resistance Training Bands Kit
Sale price$45.00 Regular price$65.00
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image of Adjustable Resistances Tubes with Handles Set
PTP Resistance SystemPTP Resistance System
PTP Resistance System
Sale price$99.99
PTP Resistance System - MiniPTP Resistance System - Mini
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6 Resistance Bands Bundlered resistance band
6 Resistance Bands Bundle
Sale price$138.00 Regular price$173.86
PTP Total Resistance SystemPTP Total Resistance System
PTP Total Resistance System
Sale price$169.99
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Booty Bundle Booty Bundle
Booty Bundle
Sale price$224.97 Regular price$239.97

Exercise Resistance Bands

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just getting started on your fitness journey, resistance bands are an invaluable tool to enhance your workouts. These versatile bands offer adjustable tension and resistance, suitable for a myriad of exercises. At Dynamo Fitness, we provide a diverse range of bands catering to different needs and fitness goals.

Benefits of Resistance Bands

  • Resistance bands can be used for a comprehensive full-body workout
  • Adaptable to various fitness levels, from beginners to advanced
  • Target different muscle groups
  • Resistance bands are affordable way to enhance workouts
  • Resistance bands are excellent for those with limited space
  • The elasticity of resistance bands provides a low-impact form of resistance, making them ideal for rehabilitation exercises, injury prevention, and individuals with joint concerns.
  • Incorporating resistance bands in stretching routines help enhance flexibility and range of motion.
  • Resistance bands are perfect for those on the move

Dynamo Fitness Offers a Variety of Best Resistance Bands

Our collection caters to different workout requirements, from simple stretches to intensive strength training.

Reeplex Resistance Bands

  • Design: Standard loop style.
  • Set: Comes in a set of 5.
  • Dimensions: 1040mm loop length.
  • Resistance: Ranges from 5 lbs to 230 lbs. This diverse range ensures that whether you're a beginner or a pro, there's a band for you.

Multi-Resistance Training Bands

  • Features: 5 color-coded bands, each 1.2m long, equipped with clips on both ends.
  • Accessories: The kit boasts handles, ankle straps, door anchors, and a travel bag. It’s the complete package for home-based or gym workouts.

Adjustable Tube Resistance Bands

  • Grade: Professional.
  • Adjustability: Perfect for all training levels, these bands can be modified to fit varying lengths.
  • Inclusions: Comes with two handles for a seamless workout experience.

What Type of Exercises Can You Perform With a Resistance Band?

For the upper body, you can perform bicep curls and tricep kickback. Step on the band for the curl, and anchor it underfoot for the kickback.

For the lower body, you can incorporate squats and lunges with the band underfoot, adding resistance to these classic moves.

Target the core with the Pallof press, standing sideways to an anchored band, and Russian twists, looping the band around your feet while seated.

For the back and chest, you can perform band rows by pulling an anchored band towards you and enhance push-ups by looping a band around your back for added resistance.

These key exercises offer a balanced workout with just a resistance band.

Shop Best Quality Resistance Bands in Australia

Choosing the perfect resistance band can be overwhelming given the variety of options available. Contact us and let our experienced and friendly staff guide you!

Whether you want to visit our showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth or prefer to drop us a message online, we're always eager to assist you in finding the perfect gym equipment tailored to your needs.