Enjoy Australia's best range of Bodyworx cardio and gym equipment at Dynamo Fitness. We stock Bodyworx exercise bikes, treadmills, rowers and weight benches.

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image of KSX850 Commercial Ski TrainerKSX850 Commercial Ski Trainer
KSX850 Commercial Ski Trainer wall mounted
Sale price$1,289.00 Regular price$1,699.00
BodyWorx Eva Foam Roller 12"BodyWorx Eva Foam Roller 12"
Thick Exercise Mat with Strap BlackThick Exercise Mat with Strap Blue
Thick Exercise Mat with Strap
Sale price$79.99

2 colors available

Bodyworx Adjustable Hand Grip Trainer Light
Massage Foam Roller 12"
Sale price$49.99

2 colors available

image of Massage Foam Roller 24"
Massage Foam Roller 24"
Sale price$119.00
image of Exercise Yoga Mat Bodyworx
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image of Eva Foam Roller 36"image of Eva Foam Blue Roller 36"
Eva Foam Roller 36"
Sale price$95.00
Bodyworx Adjustable Hand Grip Trainer LightBodyworx Adjustable Hand Grip Trainer Heavy
image of BodyWorx Anti-Burst Gym Ballimage of Pump Gym
image of BodyWorx Jump Rope
BodyWorx Jump Rope
Sale price$19.99
BodyWorx Aerobic Step Large
BodyWorx Aerobic Step Large
Sale price$249.00
image of BodyWorx Balance Cushion
BodyWorx Balance Cushion
Sale price$49.99
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image of Olympic Plate Tree  With Bar Holder
Bodyworx Revolving Straight Bar
Bodyworx Revolving "D" Handle 34" Pro Lat Bar
Bodyworx Tricep Press Down Bar
 Multi-Purpose "V" Bar
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Bodyworx Multi-Purpose Curl Bar
image of Bodyworx Revolving Seated Row / Chin Up Bar
bumper storage rack with wheels
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image of BodyWorx Dual Ab Wheel
image of Massage Stick Black/Red 43CM
image of Massage Roller & Stick Combo
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Buy Massage Ball Set
Massage Ball Set
Sale price$37.99 Regular price$45.00


Enjoy Australia's best range of Bodyworx cardio and gym equipment at Dynamo Fitness. We stock Bodyworx exercise bikes, treadmills, rowers and weight benches.

BodyWorx Fitness Equipment Collection

At Dynamo Fitness Equipment, we proudly offer the finest selection of BodyWorx gym equipment to fitness enthusiasts across Australia. With both online convenience and physical showrooms in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne, we are uniquely positioned to serve your fitness needs with the best gym equipment.

About BodyWorx

BodyWorx, a renowned subsidiary of GPI Fitness, stands as one of the colossal distributors of domestic fitness equipment in Australia. Having cemented its position through impeccable quality and unmatched customer service, BodyWorx offers an array of fitness equipment, strength machinery, and versatile workout accessories.

Versatile Product Range

From treadmills that mimic real-world terrains, exercise bikes designed for endurance, and elliptical trainers that offer full-body workouts, to state-of-the-art rowing machines, our BodyWorx collection is tailored for every fitness ambition.

Holistic Fitness Solution

Whether you're diving into crossfit, group fitness sessions, or perfecting your boxing stance, BodyWorx equipment encompasses all. Not to forget the dynamic range of fitness accessories, including battle ropes, yoga mats, kettlebells, and even gym rings, ensuring a holistic training experience.

Strength and Resilience

BodyWorx's strength training arsenal - from barbells and weight plates to racks and home gyms - is crafted with precision, ensuring durability and optimum performance. Train, tone, and triumph, all within the confines of your personal space.

GPI Fitness - The Pillar Behind BodyWorx

GPI Fitness, one of Australia's most trusted accessories manufacturers and importers, empowers BodyWorx. With global collaborations spanning Taiwan, China, Canada, and the USA, GPI's legacy in automotive accessories fortifies BodyWorx's commitment to excellence.

As an emblem of trust, all BodyWorx products come with an industry-leading warranty, safeguarded by a vast network of service technicians across Australia. Your fitness investment is always secure with us.

Why Choose Dynamo Fitness for BodyWorx Equipment?

Nationwide Reach

We ensure prompt delivery right to your doorstep throughout Australia. Our extensive network ensures your desired BodyWorx equipment reaches you seamlessly.

Expert Guidance

Our dedicated team at Dynamo Fitness is poised to guide you through the expansive BodyWorx range, ensuring you pick the equipment best aligned with your fitness goals, be it for home workouts or professional gym setups.

Quality Assurance

The BodyWorx equipment range mirrors the quality observed in elite gyms and sports clubs. Every product is meticulously tested, ensuring you receive the pinnacle of fitness machinery.

Start Your Fitness Journey with BodyWorx

From beginners taking their first steps in the world of fitness to seasoned athletes aiming to elevate their training regimen, BodyWorx offers equipment for every echelon. Explore our curated range today and experience the transformation that only BodyWorx can deliver. Explore our gym equipment store online or visit our mega stores located in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.

For a personalized consultation or to understand more about our offerings, reach out to us. Let Dynamo Fitness Equipment be your trusted partner in sculpting your fitness future with BodyWorx.