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Reeplex E200 Commercial Cross Trainer Motion SeriesReeplex E200 Commercial Cross Trainer Motion Series
Reeplex E200 Commercial Cross Trainer Motion Series
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Reeplex E6200 EllipticalReeplex E6200 Elliptical
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Reeplex E200 Commercial Cross Trainer with 10" Touchscreen Display Motion SeriesReeplex E200 Commercial Cross Trainer with 10" Touchscreen Display Motion Series
Spirit CE800+ Elliptical TrainerSpirit CE800+ Elliptical Trainer
Intenza 450ETI2S Elliptical MainIntenza 450ETI2S  Front View
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CE900ENT Elliptical mainCE900ENT Elliptical centre shot
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What is a Cross Trainer?

Get effective, full-body cardio with the crosstrainer, a low-impact solution that offers outstanding results. Its design ensures your feet remain on the platform, protecting your joints from potential shocks. At the same time, arm movements amplify calorie burn. These machines are versatile, suitable for both compact home gym setups and spacious commercial gyms.

Many of our elliptical machines and cross trainers offer visual displays of speed, distance, fat, calorie burn time and others. Most of them feature a range of adjustments to accommodate different users. The features vary by machine, so you can pick the trainer with what you need or want. All have digital displays and are easy to read, so you can easily see what you need to know when you want to. There is also adjustable tensioning, which is great depending on how hard of a workout you want.

What are The Benefits of Cross Trainers?

A crosstrainer replicates walking and running motions, minus the joint strain. Standing on a platform and holding handles, users glide their legs, with the machine mirroring this movement. Here's a concise look at the key benefits they offer, ensuring you make an informed decision about integrating them into your fitness routine:

Low-Impact Workout: Cross trainers provide a smooth, elliptical motion, reducing the risk of impact injuries. This makes them an excellent choice for individuals with joint issues or those recuperating from specific injuries.

Full-Body Activation: Unlike some cardio equipment that focuses solely on the lower body, cross trainers engage both your upper and lower body. The synchronized push-pull action from the handlebars works your arms, shoulders, chest, and back while the pedaling targets your legs and glutes.

Effective Calorie Burn: Engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously means you can achieve a higher calorie burn in less time, aiding in weight management and overall fitness.

Versatility in Training: With adjustable resistance levels and often pre-programmed workout routines, cross trainers cater to all fitness levels. Whether you're kick-starting your fitness journey or challenging your limits, there’s a setting for you.

Improved Cardiovascular Health: Regular sessions can enhance heart and lung capacity, strengthening the cardiovascular system and increasing stamina.

Features to Look for in a Cross Trainer

When choosing a cross trainer, it's vital to pick one that aligns with your fitness goals, offers durability, and provides a comfortable workout experience.

Resistance Levels

A variety of resistance levels cater to all users, from beginners taking their first steps in fitness to advanced athletes looking for an intense workout.

Look for a machine that allows easy transition between resistance levels, offering both manual and automated adjustments.

Stride Length

The stride length determines how far your legs can move on the cross trainer.

An adjustable stride length ensures a comfortable workout tailored to your height and natural walking or running stride. Ideally, a range between 18 to 22 inches caters to most users.

Built-in Workouts

Pre-programmed workouts can help users achieve specific fitness objectives, from fat burning to interval training.

These routines offer variety, keep your workouts fresh, and can automatically adjust the resistance for you.

Digital Display

A clear and comprehensive digital display will enable users to monitor their progress in real-time.

Key metrics to track include time spent, distance covered, and calories burned. Some advanced models may also provide heart rate readings and other health metrics.


The quieter the operation, the better, especially if you're planning to use the machine in a shared space or while watching TV.

Magnetic resistance cross trainers tend to be quieter than air or friction-based ones. Checking reviews or testing the machine can give you a sense of its noise level.

Need Help Selecting the Right Cross Trainer for You?

Among the models, there are more compact Cross Trainers for saving space and larger commercial options. If you want to tie your Cross Trainer in with other gym equipment, you will find one that will suit your preference at Dynamo Fitness.

We carry top-of-the-line Cross Trainers with the best prices, and we back that up with our Best Price Guarantee. We carry a wide price range, so you are sure to find something that fits almost any budget. If you have any questions, we welcome you to come in the store as we here at Dynamo Fitness are always glad to help.

Our showroom floors in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth stock a wide range of Fitness Equipment to suit all training styles and budgets. Call us today on 1300856542 to chat with our friendly staff, who can answer and assist you with any questions about our great range of Cross Trainers.