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1-10kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set1-10kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set
1-10kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set
Sale price$385.00 Regular price$605.00
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10-20kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set10-20kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set
10-20kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set
Sale price$525.00 Regular price$825.00
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1-20kg Dumbbell Set Main1-20kg Dumbbell Set front shot
1-20kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set
Sale price$840.00 Regular price$1,209.00
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10-25kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set - Rubber Hex Dumbbells Melbourne10-25kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set
10-25kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set
Sale price$857.50 Regular price$1,347.50
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4-15kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set & Rack4-15kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set & Rack
4-15kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set & Rack
Sale price$885.50 Regular price$1,191.50
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1-25kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set main1-25kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set front shot
1-25kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set
Sale price$1,172.50 Regular price$1,684.00
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10-30kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set - Rubber Hex Dumbbells Perth10-30kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set
10-30kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set
Sale price$1,260.00 Regular price$1,980.00
Save $684
1-30kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set main1-30kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set front
1-30kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set
Sale price$1,575.00 Regular price$2,259.00

Hex Dumbbell Set - Dynamo Fitness Australia

Are you planning to build your own home gym without spending a hefty amount of money? Hex Dumbbell Sets are the perfect equipment to start with. Not only are they affordable, but they're also versatile and take up minimal space.

Contrary to popular belief, dumbbell weight sets are not just for bulking up. They're also excellent for adding resistance to your cardio workouts. Weight lifters use Adjustable dumbbells or Rubber Hex Dumbbells for extensive weight training.

If you're searching for the perfect addition to your home workout equipment, our fantastic range of dumbbell options for strength training has got you covered.

Want to take their workouts to the next level? We also offer barbells or dumbbell racks to store dumbbells or weight plates that can accommodate weights of up to 10kg, 20kg, and beyond.

With this gym equipment, you can perform a wide range of dumbbell exercises such as hammer curls, bicep curls, shoulder raises, and more, providing a full-body workout.

Why Dumbbell Sets are a Must-Have for Home Gym Weight Training Workout

For those who are looking to elevate their workout routine but lack the space for a full-fledged home gym. Dumbbell training equipment is an excellent choice. Dumbbells are great and versatile weight training equipment to complement your aerobic and cardio exercises.

Additionally, weight dumbbells offer a range of benefits that can help you achieve your fitness goals. With a pair of dumbbells, you can increase resistance during your fitness journey by adding weight to specific muscle groups.

In addition to their versatility, dumbbells are also great for you if you want to increase your strength and muscle mass. With our adjustable dumbbell sets and Olympic dumbbell sets, you can lift heavier weights to build muscle mass and improve your overall strength.

Shop Dumbbell Weight Set or Adjustable Dumbbell Set from Dynamo Fitness

Dynamo Fitness offers a wide range of weight equipment, including fixed and adjustable dumbbell sets. Our dumbbells are made with high-quality materials and come in a variety of colors, sizes, and weights. You can easily find the perfect set for your fitness journey.

Buy Dumbbell sets online at Dynamo Fitness or you can also visit our mega stores in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. Our customer service is always there to help you navigate a suitable piece of equipment for you. Why not contact us and see how can we help you?