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a pair of 1kg rubber hex dumbbell pair1kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
1kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
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image of 2kg rubber hex dumbbell pair2kg rubber hex dumbbell pair
2kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
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image of 3kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair3kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
3kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
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image of 4kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair4kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
4kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$28.00 Regular price$44.00
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image of 5kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair5kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
5kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$35.00 Regular price$55.00
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image of 6kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair6kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
6kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$42.00 Regular price$66.00
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image of 7kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair7kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
7kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$49.00 Regular price$77.00
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image of 8kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair8kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
8kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$56.00 Regular price$88.00
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image of 9kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair9kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
9kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$63.00 Regular price$99.00
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10kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair10kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
10kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$70.00 Regular price$110.00
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image of 12.5kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pairimage of 12.5kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
12.5kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$87.50 Regular price$137.50
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image of 15kg rubber hex dumbbell pair15kg rubber hex dumbbell pair
15Kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$105.00 Regular price$165.00
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pair of 17.5kg  rubber hex dumbbell pair17.5kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
17.5kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$122.50 Regular price$192.50
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20kg rubber hex dumbbell pair20kg rubber hex dumbbell pair
20kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$140.00 Regular price$220.00
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image of 22.5kg rubber hex dumbbell pairimage of 22.5kg rubber hex dumbbell pair
22.5kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$157.50 Regular price$247.50
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image of 25kg rubber hex dumbbell pairimage of 25kg rubber hex dumbbell pair
25kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$175.00 Regular price$275.00
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image of 27.5kg rubber hex dumbbell pair27.5kg rubber hex dumbbell pair
27.5kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$192.50 Regular price$302.50
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image of 30kg rubber hex dumbbell pair30kg rubber hex dumbbell pair
30kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$210.00 Regular price$330.00
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image of 32.5kg  rubber hex dumbbell pair32.5kg  rubber hex dumbbell pair
32.5kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$227.50 Regular price$357.50
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image of 35kg rubber hex dumbbell pair35kg rubber hex dumbbell pair
35kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$245.00 Regular price$385.00
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image of 37.5kg rubber hex dumbbell pair37.5kg rubber hex dumbbell pair
37.5kg Reeplex Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$262.50 Regular price$412.50
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image of 40kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair40kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
40kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$280.00 Regular price$440.00
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image of 42.5kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair42.5kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
42.5kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$297.50 Regular price$467.50
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image of 45kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair45kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
45kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Sale price$315.00 Regular price$495.00

Elevate Your Strength Training with Hex Dumbbells

Hex Dumbbells are a staple in every fitness enthusiast's training regimen. Their hexagonal design makes them exceptionally stable and easy to store, ensuring your workout area remains safe and organized.

At Dynamo Fitness, we offer a superior range of hex dumbbells, designed with both beginners and seasoned athletes in mind. Hex dumbbells are versatile, compact, and perfect for a variety of workouts, be it strength training, CrossFit, or bodybuilding.

How Can Hex Dumbbells Enhance Your Workout Routine?

These unique fitness tools can significantly level up your exercise routines. The secret lies in their design — hex dumbbells are comfortable to grip, don't roll when set down, and are sturdy enough for push-up variations and other floor exercises. Whether you're performing bicep curls, lunges, shoulder presses, or even squats, Dynamo Fitness's hex dumbbells offer unmatched stability and comfort, pushing you closer to your fitness goals.

What Makes Dynamo Fitness's Hex Dumbbells Stand Out?

Quality matters when it comes to choosing the right dumbbells. Dynamo Fitness's hex dumbbells are crafted from durable materials to withstand the most demanding workouts. Our dumbbells are ergonomically designed with knurled chrome handles for a secure grip, and their rubber-encased heads protect your floors while reducing noise during your workout. Additionally, our dumbbells are available in a variety of weights, providing ample options for all fitness levels.

How Can Hex Dumbbells Benefit Home Workouts?

In the era of home gyms, space efficiency is critical. Hex dumbbells require minimal room, and their hexagonal design ensures they stay right where you leave them. Coupled with their versatility, they can replace multiple larger gym machines, saving you space and money. With Dynamo Fitness's hex dumbbells, your home can be transformed into a high-end gym, offering you a full-body workout at your convenience.

The Benefits of Hex Dumbbells

  • Hex dumbbells are versatile and suitable for a variety of exercises from strength training to HIIT workouts.
  • Their space-efficient design, due to their hexagonal shape, is perfect for home gyms or small workout areas.
  • Known for their durability, these dumbbells are built to last, capable of withstanding heavy-duty use.
  • Safety is enhanced with hex dumbbells, as they stay put when placed on the ground, minimizing the risk of tripping or rolling injuries.
  • The ergonomic design of these dumbbells often includes a knurled handle for a secure and comfortable grip.
  • Available in a wide range of weights, hex dumbbells cater to all fitness levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes.
  • Ideal for compound movements, these dumbbells are excellent for exercises like squats, deadlifts, and lunges.
  • They aid in balance training as exercises with dumbbells generally require more balance than those with machines, thereby improving core strength.
  • Perfect for unilateral exercises, hex dumbbells can help correct muscle imbalances and improve stability.

How to Choose the Ideal Weight for Your Hex Dumbbells?

Choosing the appropriate weight for your hex dumbbells is a strategic decision, dependent on your current fitness level and the specific exercises you aim to perform. As a general guideline, select a weight that enables you to perform 8-12 repetitions while maintaining proper form.

If you're at the beginning of your fitness journey, it's advisable to start with lighter weights and gradually increase the load as your strength improves. It's crucial to prioritize correct form during exercises to prevent injuries. If in doubt, don't hesitate to consult a fitness professional for guidance on how to utilize hex dumbbells safely and effectively.

Your Premier Fitness Equipment Provider - Dynamo Fitness

At Dynamo Fitness, we are dedicated to providing quality and durability in all our fitness equipment, with our hex dumbbells standing testament to this commitment. Our outstanding customer reviews underscore our continuous efforts to deliver excellent customer service and unmatched value.

Our expansive Fitness Equipment Megastores in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne carry a comprehensive range of hex dumbbells for you to explore and experience first-hand. Open seven days a week, our stores are staffed with knowledgeable fitness professionals ready to assist you in meeting your fitness needs.