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Foldable Exercise MatEverlast Foldable Exercise Mat
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Everlast Pro Competition Lower Body Protection - Hook & Loop
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Everlast Contender Pro Sparring Head Guard
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Everlast Elite Coaches Vest
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Everlast MX Headgear
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Protective Gear & Accessories for Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

In the rigorous world of boxing, where every punch counts, ensuring your safety is paramount. High-quality boxing protective gear unlocks your potential in the ring.

With the right gear from Dynamo Fitness Equipment, you minimize the risk of injury, letting you focus on refining your technique and strategies. More than just physical assurance, the right equipment elevates your confidence, allowing you to face your opponent with unwavering determination.

Dynamo Fitness Equipment offers a comprehensive range of boxing protective gear for MMA, expertly designed to meet your every need. Equip yourself with the best, because in boxing, your protection is as crucial as your prowess.

Essential Boxing Protection Equipment

Dynamo Fitness Equipment provides a curated selection of protective gear to keep you safe and elevate your training sessions.

1. Boxing Gloves

Your hands deliver the action, and they deserve top-notch protection. Our boxing gloves are designed with optimal padding and premium materials, ensuring that every punch you throw is powerful yet safe.

2. Hand Wraps

Before the gloves come on, the wraps go in place. Our hand wraps are designed to stabilize your wrists and protect your knuckles. They reduce the risk of sprains and offer an additional layer of cushioning under your glove.

3. Headgear

Dynamo’s headgear provides comprehensive coverage, guarding against cuts, bruises, and concussions. With adjustable straps, they ensure a snug fit, giving you the confidence to move and dodge without hesitation.

4. Thai Kick Pads

For those incorporating Muay Thai or kickboxing into their regimen, our Thai kick pads are indispensable. They offer trainers the ability to absorb heavy strikes, ensuring the athlete can deliver full-power kicks without holding back.

5. Coach Vest

Coaching is an active role, and trainers need protection too. Our coach vests are ergonomically designed to absorb punches and kicks, allowing trainers to guide their athletes safely. With its lightweight construction, it ensures the coach remains agile during training.

6. Mouth Guard

Our mouth guards are crafted to provide maximum impact protection, shielding your teeth and gums from potential harm. Easy to mold and comfortable to wear, it's an essential piece for anyone stepping into the ring.

Dynamo Fitness Stores Complete Collection of Boxing Protective Gear

Prioritizing safety during training is fundamental for a lasting career in boxing. As the sport has evolved, so has our understanding of the need to shield our bodies, particularly the head and limbs, with advanced padding and foam-enhanced gear.

Where once we wore simple sandals, today's athletes benefit from specially designed shoes and boots for foot protection. Initially, headgear only shielded the top of the head, but modern designs now offer coverage extending down to the chin and over the cheekbones.

Everlast sets the gold standard in headgear design, ensuring each piece offers optimal comfort without skimping on support. Their pioneering Everdri and Evercool technologies are integrated into every headgear, promising a comfortable, airy fit.

For enthusiasts of Muay Thai, MMA, and KickBoxing, shin guards are non-negotiable. They guard the vulnerable tissues and bones in the lower leg, with the foam serving as a buffer to spread and reduce the force of impact.

Looking for top-notch protective gear or other boxing essentials? Visit our gym equipment stores in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Alternatively, explore our online selection and have your chosen items delivered directly to your doorstep.