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Reeplex Commercial Flat Bench | Commercial BenchesReeplex Commercial Flat Bench | Commercial Benches
Reeplex Commercial Flat Bench
Sale price$440.00 Regular price$500.00
Save $80
Commercial Upright BenchRSH1210F side view
Reeplex Commercial Upright Bench
Sale price$600.00 Regular price$680.00
Save $100
Commercial Preacher Curl BenchCommercial Preacher Curl Bench
Reeplex Commercial Preacher Curl Bench
Sale price$780.00 Regular price$880.00
Save $105
Reeplex Commercial Seated Calf MainReeplex Commercial Seated Calf back shot
Reeplex Commercial Seated Calf Raise
Sale price$795.00 Regular price$900.00
Save $100
Reeplex Commercial Heavy Duty Adjustable BenchReeplex Commercial Heavy Duty Adjustable Bench
Reeplex Commercial Heavy Duty Adjustable Bench
Sale price$900.00 Regular price$1,000.00
Save $120
Reeplex Commercial Flat Olympic Bench PressReeplex Commercial Flat Olympic Bench Press
Reeplex Commercial Flat Olympic Bench Press
Sale price$980.00 Regular price$1,100.00
Save $120
Hyper Extension Bench 45 Degree CommercialHyper Extension Bench 45 Degree Commercial
Reeplex Commercial 45 Degree Hyper Extension Bench
Sale price$980.00 Regular price$1,100.00
Save $120
Reeplex Commercial Sit Up Decline BenchReeplex Commercial Sit Up Decline Bench
Reeplex Commercial Sit Up Decline Bench
Sale price$1,040.00 Regular price$1,160.00
Save $150
Reeplex Commercial Incline Bench Press - Weight Lifting Bench Sydney
Reeplex Commercial Incline Bench Press
Sale price$1,250.00 Regular price$1,400.00
Save $200
image of Reeplex Commercial Pull Up & Dip Tower
Reeplex Commercial Pull Up & Dip Tower
Sale price$1,450.00 Regular price$1,650.00
Save $200
Commercial Incline Lever Row MachineCommercial Incline Lever Row Machine
Reeplex Commercial Incline Lever Row Machine
Sale price$1,550.00 Regular price$1,750.00
Save $220
image of Reeplex Commercial Abdominal Machine
Reeplex Commercial Abdominal Machine
Sale price$1,580.00 Regular price$1,800.00
Save $240
Reeplex Commercial Decline Bench Press - Bench Press Sydney
Reeplex Commercial Decline Bench Press
Sale price$1,860.00 Regular price$2,100.00
Save $240
Reeplex Commercial GHD Developer
Reeplex Commercial GHD Developer
Sale price$1,980.00 Regular price$2,220.00

Reeplex Commercial Benches

When it comes to fitness equipment, Reeplex stands out as an Australian brand. This commitment to quality is reflected in every piece of equipment they produce. Continual innovation drives Reeplex's mission, ensuring they remain on the cutting edge of gym equipment technology.

Features of Reeplex Commercial Benches

Ergonomic Excellence

Every Reeplex commercial bench has been meticulously designed with the end-user in mind. The result is a range of benches that are not only functional but also ergonomically sound, ensuring that users experience both comfort and efficiency in their workouts.

Durable and Superior

Reeplex takes pride in its choice of materials. Unlike many competing brands, Reeplex utilizes heavy-duty polyurethane upholstery in its benches. This robust material guarantees longevity, setting Reeplex benches a notch above the rest.

Comfort Meets Support

With dense foam padding, Reeplex benches offer users a comfortable yet supportive platform, ensuring that workouts are both effective and pleasant.

Robust Framework with Premium Finish

A strong foundation is key for any gym equipment. Reeplex ensures that every bench frame is constructed from heavy-duty steel. What's more, to enhance its durability, each frame undergoes a powder-coating process, coupled with anti-rust protection, resulting in a sleek and sturdy finish.

Unparalleled Weight Rating

One of the standout features of Reeplex commercial benches is their impressive user weight rating. With such a capability, users can be assured that there's no holding back on the range and intensity of exercises they can perform.

Whether you're in the market for fixed benches, specialty benches, or storage racks, Reeplex offers a wide array of options to fit the unique needs of any gym setting. Each product isn't just built to last but also designed to elevate the aesthetics of a gym space.


How do I maintain and clean the benches?

o clean the benches, simply wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Avoid using abrasive cleaners to prevent damage to the upholstery and frame. For more detailed maintenance instructions, refer to the product manual.

Can I use these benches for various types of exercises?

Reeplex Commercial Weight Benches are designed with versatility in mind. Their adjustability allows you to perform a wide range of exercises, including incline presses, flat bench presses, seated rows, and more.

Can I visit a showroom to try out Reeplex Commercial Benches before purchasing?

Dynamo Fitness Equipment Megastores in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth offer you the opportunity to experience the quality and functionality of the benches firsthand. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your gym.

For any inquiries about Reeplex Commercial Benches or any other products, feel free to contact our dedicated team. We're here to help you make the best choice for your fitness needs.