The Dynamo PT app is a fitness companion that transforms the way you engage with your Reeplex Multi-Functional Machine workouts. This online and mobile Personal Training application is your gateway to a more efficient, effective, and enjoyable fitness journey. By purchasing an eligible machine, you can gain access to all these amazing features for free.

your Fitness Companion

Unlock your machine's full potential with access to more than 100 exercises.

This extensive exercise library isn't just about variety – it's about empowering you with options that match your preferences, challenges, and progress.

Custom Workouts

Don't know where to start? Each machine comes with custom workouts targeting muscle groups ranging from beginner to advanced to help guide you in your fitness journey.


Tailored Workouts

In the ever-evolving landscape of fitness, having a personal trainer by your side can make all the difference. Dynamo PT doesn't just provide generic workout routines; it offers the expertise of a certified personal trainer who understands that no two individuals are alike.

When you embark on your fitness journey with Dynamo PT, you're getting a personalized experience that's designed to align with your unique goals, preferences, and physical capabilities.


We understand that achieving your fitness goals isn't just about what happens during your workouts – it's about making informed choices in every aspect of your lifestyle. That's why the Dynamo PT app goes beyond exercise guidance to provide you with valuable nutritional support.

Gain access to complimentary resources to help you in your fitness journey such as recipe packs. Our accredited personal trainer will assist you in creating a meal plan to complement your workouts and maximize your results.