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Cycle Ergometer UBE E750

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The E750 Cycle UBE offers maximum operational versatility including recumbent cycling, seated or standing hand cranking, and wheelchair access. Medically approved and trusted by leading health practitioners, this commercial upper bodyergometeris perfect for total body reconditioning and rapid recovery progression.

With options to engage virtually every muscle group, an E750 Cycle UBE workout targets strength, endurance, intensity, stability, flexibility and balance. The counterbalance arm rotates 360 degrees to support upper and lower body training and development of reciprocal muscle group balance.

Powered by FDF’s patented fluid innovation technology, its 10 levels of water resistance offer refined and more finite increments for patient safety and skill development. The E750 is an inclusive training device, allowing both disabled and non-disabled users to benefit from a cardiovascular and resistance-based workout.


  • 10 x Adjustable Patented Fluid Resistance Twin Tank.
  • High visibility yellow adjustment knobs and levers.
  • Operates in both forward and reverse directions for complete muscle engagement.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Auto start
  • Time & Elapsed time
  • Level: Auto to selected resistance level
  • Watt: Unit of power
  • RPM: Revolutions per minute
  • Power Graphs: 2 Options
  • Heart rate: Polar compatible
  • Calories burned per hour


  • Lumbar Support
  • 90 Degrees seat Swivel
  • Rotating Seat for Entry and Exit
  • Recumbent Cycle
  • Seated Upper Body
  • Standing Upper Body

Frame & Handles

  • Steel Frame
  • Handles for Additional Support
  • Full-Width Footrest for added Stability
  • Arm is Counter-Balanced for 360 Degree Rotation
  • Lock in Cycle Pedals

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