harbinger hip thrust pad main
harbinger hip thrust pad side view
harbinger hip thrust pad front view
Model using Harbinger hip thrust pad
Harbinger Hip Thrust Pad


Harbinger Hip Thrust Pad

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Experience relief from hip bone pressure during glute bridge exercises with the ergonomically designed bar pad. This pad provides effective cushioning for your hips, allowing you to lift heavy weights with comfort and ease. It effortlessly attaches and securely fastens to the bar using a convenient hook and loop system. Whether you're using Olympic or standard barbells, this versatile pad is compatible with both, ensuring a seamless workout experience.

Harbinger Hip Thrust Pad Features:

  • Ergonomically designed bar pad
  • Convenient hook and loop fastening system for attachment
  • Velcro for easy removal
  • Anti-slip Fabric Outer layer
  • High-density foam inner layer
  • Compatible with both Olympic and standard barbells