PTP Mediband Ultra Light
PTP Mediband Ultra Light
PTP Mediband Ultra Light
PTP Mediband Ultra Light


PTP Mediband Ultra Light

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The MediBand Ultra Light offers a resistance equivalent to 4.2 kg, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking gentle tension and safe joint-friendly exercise. What sets the MediBand apart is its progressive resistance, adapting to your needs as you stretch it further. This feature not only increases your range of motion but also makes it an invaluable tool for functional training, enhancing everyday movements like reaching, bending, or twisting. Whether you aim to boost overall mobility, prevent injuries, or embark on a rehabilitation journey, the MediBand has you covered. With over 40 Pilates Instructor-developed exercises, it ensures a fun and varied workout experience while targeting all muscle groups, preventing imbalances. Crafted from premium latex band that offers smooth resistance, making it the perfect choice for post-exercise recovery and suitable for beginners.

The MediBand Ultra Light is a versatile fitness companion suitable for a range of fitness goals. Its gentle body toning, stretching, and flexibility exercises aid in posture correction and joint stabilization. Moreover, it supports overall mobility enhancement and injury prevention, making it highly recommended for both prehab and rehab programs, especially for those looking to restore joint function. On the other hand, its effectiveness in whole-body conditioning, building strength, and promoting movement makes it a valuable asset for individuals seeking muscle development and fat burning. With its safe, joint-friendly elastic resistance, the MediBand Ultra Light offers a holistic fitness solution that caters to various needs and fitness levels.

Key Features:

  • Enhances mobility, prevents injuries
  • Toning, stretching, flexibility
  • Recovery, beginners
  • 40+ whole-body exercises
  • Premium latex | 15x150 cm
  • Elastic resistance for joints
  • REHAB: Mobility, injury prevention
  • POWER: Conditioning, strength, fat burn