Reeplex Commercial 8 Station Jungle Gym
Reeplex Commercial 8 Station Jungle Gym
Reeplex Commercial 8 Station Jungle Gym


Reeplex Commercial 8 Station Jungle Gym with 150kg Heavy Weight Stacks

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Reeplex 8 station commercial jungle gym includes a 1 x cable crossover, 2 x seated row, 2 x Lat Pulldown 2 x Tricep Pulldown and a pull-up multi-grip station all in one clever design. This multi-station monster is a must-have in any commercial gym as it combines all the popular cable machines into one allowing for up to 8 members to use 1 machine at the same time.

Commercial Cable Crossover

The cable crossover located in the centre of this machine features 2 x adjustable dual 180° rotating pulleys with heavy-duty 2 x 90kg steel machined weight stacks. This super wide pulley distance provides maximum stretch when performing cable crossovers, especially for taller users with a long reach. You can also use this commercial cable crossover for a range of single pulley exercises such as tricep pulldowns and cable bicep curls.

2 x Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine with 150kg Weight stacks

Beside the 5-in-1 jungle gym is the lat pulldown machine with a heavy 150kg Steel Machine weight stack. Each lat pulldown has 2 dual pulleys for single arm pulldowns, which connect to create a single cable for a wide grip attachment. The adjustable seated is made of high-density foam and durable PU upholstery, with a quick-release pin for easy kneepad adjustment.

2 x Commercial Seated Row Machine with 150kg Weight Stacks

The seated row machine is located opposite the Lat pulldown machine. This heavy-duty seated row offers a large seat pad with 2 x large rubber anti-slip foot plates. The Seated row on this commercial jungle gym also has 2 x Rotating pulleys for single iso workouts and can be connected to create a single pulley for heavy seated rows. This seated row packs a heavy 90kg steel weight stack perfect for all strength levels.

2 x Commercial Tricep Pulldown Machine

The 2 x tricep pulldown machines on the 8-station jungle gym offer a heavy 1:1 pulley ratio with a 90kg weight stack. This allows for a smooth direct pulley feel to really target the tricep muscles. This tricep pulldown machine can be used with multiple attachments like the tricep rope or tricep v bar attachment with an easy-to-remove carabiner included with every station.

Reeplex 8 Station Jungle Gym Key Specifications

  • 2 x 90kg Steel machined weight stack on the cable crossover
  • 2 x 150kg Steel machined weight stack on the seated row
  • 2 x 150kg Steel machined weight stack on the lat pulldown
  • 2 x 90kg 1:1 Pulley Ratio Steel machined weight stack on tricep pulldown
  • Magnetic selector pins across all weight stacks
  • 6 Multi-grip rubber pull-up handles
  • Revolving dual cable pulleys
  • Fully adjustable pulley height for every exercise
  • Strong frame construction for added safety
  • Steel machined weight stacks with a precision centre hole
  • Premium 2-layer finish powder coating
  • Reeplex Pro PU upholstery durable cushions with HD stitching
  • Aluminium on all handles and pins is lightweight and anti-rust
  • Magnetic selector pin
  • Weight stack covers for extra safety

Assembly Dimensions

5.0m (L) x 5.2m (W) x 2.38m (H)