Reeplex Revolving Curl Straight Bar 50cm
Reeplex Revolving Curl Straight Bar
Reeplex Revolving Curl Straight Bar


Reeplex Revolving Curl Straight Bar

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Reeplex Revolving Curl Straight Bar has constructed cable attachments to the highest quality and designed them for use with any cable machine. These attachments feature a unique diamond-machined knurl that maximizes grip without ripping your hands, made from solid steel. This allows you to train harder and longer. Use these great attachments to target specific muscle groups and perform dynamic workouts.

The Reeplex heavy duty revolving straight curl bar features a 360 degree greased revolving cable hook. This solid steel bar has a total length of 50cm and a grip diameter of 25mm. The unique diamond machined knurl allows you to grip the bar firmly and perform exercises such has close / wide grip bicep curls, tricep pushdowns and upright rows.


  • Total length: 50cm
  • Solid Steel heavy-duty construction
  • Hard chrome best anti-rust protection
  • 25mm grip diameter
  • Diamond machined knurl for great grip strength
  • Perform close / wide grip bicep curls and tricep pushdowns
  • Attachment Weight: 2.2kg