Commercial Horizontal Seated Row Machine


Reeplex Commercial Horizontal Seated Row Machine

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Reeplex Iron Series Commercial Pin Loaded Horizontal Seated Row Machines are built around a super-tough 100x50mm tubing construction and offer a range of features.

Using the Pin Loaded Horizontal Seated Row Machine can also have a positive impact on your overall health and well-being. By strengthening your hip muscles, you can improve your posture, balance, and stability, which can reduce your risk of falls and other accidents. Additionally, having strong hip muscles can improve your mobility and range of motion, allowing you to move more freely

Key Features

  • Steel machined weight stacks with a precision center hole
  • Premium 2-layer finish powder coating
  • Reeplex Pro PU upholstery durable cushions with HD stitching
  • Aluminum on all handles and pins lightweight and anti-rust
  • Magnetic selector pin
  • Weight stack covers for extra safety

Reeplex Iron Series Horizontal Seated Row Machine Key Specifications

  • 90kg Steel machined weight stack
  • 7.5kg per weight stack increments
  • Magnetic selector pin
  • Footplate with anti-slip rubber
  • Commercial sealed bearing pulleys
  • Rubber strong grip handles

Assembly Dimensions

  • 1.6m (L) x 0.9m (W) x 1.83m (H)