neo mag grips set with storage rack
Neo Mag grip gym cable attachments
mag grips on attachment rack
neo mag attachments on rack close up
Neo mag grip 8 piece attachment set with caribiners
Neo Mag grip 8 piece attachment set with caribiners
Neo grip mag cable attachment set
gym cable attachment rack


Reeplex NEO MAG Cable Attachment 8 Piece Set with Storage Rack

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  • 1 x Reeplex 8 Piece Neo MAG Cable Attachment Set
  • 1 x Gym Cable Attachments Rack
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The Reeplex NEO MAG grip cable attachments feature a distinctive design that enables users to maintain a comfortable wrist position, thereby promoting maximum workout efficiency. Each handle is carefully crafted to optimise form and effectively activate muscle engagement when gripped.

Bundled with a convenient and organised storage solution, The gym cable attachment rack is specifically designed to securely hold each attachment in place, ensuring that your workout area remains tidy and clutter-free.

Reeplex NEO MAG Cable Attachment with Rack Set Includes:

  • Close Grip Supinate
  • Close Grip Neutral
  • Medium Grip Lat Pulldown
  • Medium Grip Pronate Lat Pulldown
  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
  • Close Grip Bicep Curl
  • Close Grip Tricep Extension
  • Medium Grip Tricep Extension
  • Gym Cable Attachments Rack