Reeplex Rig Dip Bars
Reeplex Rig Dip Bars
Reeplex Rig Dip Bars


Reeplex Rig Dip Bars

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Take your functional training set up to the next level and include the Reeplex Rig Dip Bars. With a simple and easy-to-install attachment feature, these dip bars will get you blasting your triceps. Made from thick steel tubing, this attachment has a firm secure feel once in place and will not budge.

The ‘R’ for Reeplex insignia is cut into the frame, matching the Reeplex free Standing Commercial rigs. With a simple pin insertion, this rig is attachment is a must for any functional training enthusiasts.


  • Constructed with high-quality steel for durability and stability
  • Designed for a variety of exercises, including dips, push-ups, and leg raises
  • Non-slip grips provide a secure hold during workouts
  • Suitable for use with Reeplex rigs and other power racks
  • Adjustable height allows for customization to your specific needs and preferences
  • Compact design makes them easy to store when not in use
  • Great for targeting the chest, triceps, and shoulders