Reeplex Weightlifting Platform
Reeplex Weight Lifting Platform main
Reeplex Weight Lifting Platform front shot
Reeplex Weight Lifting Platform left shot
Reeplex Weight Lifting Platform close up
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Reeplex Weightlifting Platform

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The Reeplex weight lifting platform is a stable surface for strength training, providing enhanced stability and safety during exercises. It absorbs impact and reduces noise, protecting both the floor and lifting equipment. The platform's non-slip surface fosters focus, concentration, and proper form. It is versatile, accommodating various strength training exercises, and is particularly beneficial for severe lifters engaged in powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting, offering a professional and elite training environment.

Reeplex Weightlifting Platform Features

  • High-Quality Steel Frame Construction
  • Large 2m (L) x 2.4m (W) Lifting Area
  • Premium Black Powder Coating
  • 30mm Thick Rubber Gym Flooring to absorb barbell impact
  • Wooden Centre Platform constructed from high-quality wood
  • 4 Easy carry handles to move around the gym
  • 4 Anchor holes to secure to ground

* Barbell And Weights Not Included