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Adjustable Dual Pulley Functional Trainer Reeplex CommercialAdjustable Dual Pulley Functional Trainer Reeplex Commercial
Reeplex Commercial R7 Dual Pulley Functional Trainer
Sale price$2,699.00 Regular price$3,400.00
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Reeplex Commercial Multi-Functional Trainer 2 x 90kg Weight StacksRPIB27 vertical adjustment
Save $800
Reeplex Commercial Pin Loaded Functional TrainerReeplex Commercial Pin Loaded Functional Trainer
Reeplex Commercial Functional Trainer
Sale price$6,300.00 Regular price$7,100.00
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Reeplex commercial  cable cross over
Reeplex Commercial Cable Crossover
Sale price$7,100.00 Regular price$8,000.00
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Reeplex 4 Station Commercial Multi-Gym | Dynamo Fitness Equipment4 Station Commercial Multi-Gym - seated row
Reeplex 4 Station Commercial Multi-Gym
Sale price$7,200.00 Regular price$8,100.00
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Reeplex 4 Station Commercial Multi-Gym with 150kg Weight StacksReeplex 4 Station Commercial Multi-Gym with 150kg Weight Stacks - lat pulldown
Reeplex 4 Station Commercial Multi-Gym with 150kg Weight Stacks
Sale price$9,000.00 Regular price$9,900.00
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Reeplex Commercial 5 Station Jungle Gym with 90kg Weight StackReeplex Commercial 5 Station Jungle Gym with 90kg Weight Stack
Reeplex Commercial 5 Station Jungle Gym
Sale price$9,900.00 Regular price$11,000.00
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Reeplex Commercial 5 Station Jungle Gym with 150kg Heavy Weight StacksReeplex Commercial 5 Station Jungle Gym with Heavy 150kg Weight Stacks
Save $2,300
Reeplex Commercial 8 Station Jungle GymReeplex Commercial 8 Station Jungle Gym

Buy Commercial Cable Machines in Australia

Dynamo Fitness Equipment is Australia's leading provider of top-tier gym and fitness equipment. As the trend toward holistic health grows, so does the need for versatile and efficient gym equipment. The one versatile gym equipment is commercial cable machine.

What are Commercial Cable Machines?

Commercial Cable Machines are specialized gym equipment designed for strength training and muscle toning. Using a combination of weight stacks and innovative pulley systems, these machines offer a vast range of exercises tailored to all fitness levels, making them a staple in modern gyms.

Benefits of Commercial Cable Machines

Versatility: These machines are perfect for multiple exercises, from cable crossover to tricep extensions, ensuring users can perform a full-body workout.

Space-saving: With the ability to combine several exercise stations into one, Commercial Cable Machines help in maximizing floor space in gyms.

Durable Design: Made from machined steel, the weight stacks are designed to withstand regular use in high-traffic commercial settings.

Customizable Resistance: The combination of weight stacks and pulleys allows users to customize resistance levels, catering to both beginners and seasoned athletes.

Types of Cable Machines

Commercial Jungle Gyms

A multi-functional beast, this machine boasts of features such as lat pulldown, seated row, tricep extension, and a broad cable crossover. Its design allows up to five gym members to use the equipment simultaneously, optimizing space and functionality.

Commercial Functional Trainers & Cable Crossovers

Almost omnipresent in all modern gyms, these machines are celebrated for their adaptability. The dual cable pulleys can be adjusted to any height, making exercises like tricep extensions, bicep curls, and dual pulley workouts a breeze. Their compact design ensures they fit snugly in any gym setup.

How to Select the Right Commercial Cable Machine for You?

Selecting the right cable machine is pivotal for a gym's success. At Dynamo Fitness Equipment:

Expert Guidance: Our team, present in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, is well-equipped to assist in tailoring your choice to your gym's requirements.

Customization: We pride ourselves on offering customizable weight stack options, ensuring your equipment meets specific needs.

Experience Before Purchase: Visiting our mega stores can give you hands-on experience before making a decision.


How long is the lifespan of these Commercial Cable Machines?

With proper maintenance, our machines are built to last for years, even in high-traffic gym settings.

Are these machines suitable for both beginners and advanced users?

Absolutely! The customizable resistance levels cater to both novices and professional athletes.

What is the maintenance required for these machines?

Regular cleaning and periodic checks for any wear and tear will ensure the longevity of these machines.

Can I customize the color or design of the machine to fit my gym's aesthetic?

Yes, contact our team for customization options.

What warranty or post-purchase support do you offer?

We provide comprehensive warranties and dedicated customer support for all our products.

Shop Commercial Cable Machine at Dynamo Fitness Equipment, Australia

Your gym deserves only the best, and at Dynamo Fitness Equipment, we promise just that. Elevate your gym's potential with our state-of-the-art Commercial Cable Machines. Buy gym equipment in Australia at Dynamo Fitness Equipment. Explore our vast online collection or experience our offerings first-hand at our mega stores in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth. For more details and customization options, Contact us today.