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Everlast Core 3ft Heavy Bag
Everlast Core 3ft Heavy Bag
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3ft VIP Challanger Boxing Bag 18kg Blue3ft VIP Challanger Boxing Bag 18kg Blue
3FT VIP Challanger Boxing Bag 18kg Blue
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Prospect Youth Training Bundle
Everlast Core 4ft Boxing Bag
Everlast Powercore 4Ft Heavy Punching BagEverlast Powercore 4Ft Heavy Punching Bag
Everlast Wrecking Ball Punching BagEverlast Wrecking Ball Punching Bag
image of Everlast Hydrostrike Heavy Bag 100LBEverlast Hydrostrike Heavy Bag 100LB
image of Everlast Angle Heavy BagEverlast Angle Heavy Bag
Everlast Angle Heavy Bag
Sale price$599.99
Everlast Boxing Stand with 3ft Boxing Bag & Speed BallEverlast Boxing Stand with Boxing Bag & Speed Ball
Everlast Boxing Stand with 4ft Boxing Bag & Speed BallBoxing Stand 4ft Punching Bag and Speed ball Set
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image of Everlast Nevatear 3FT Punching BagEverlast Nevatear 3FT Punching Bag
Everlast Nevatear 3FT Punching Bag
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image of Everlast Nevatear 4FT Punch BagEverlast Nevatear 4FT Punch Bag
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image of Everlast Powercore 5FT Heavy Bag 54kgEverlast Powercore 5FT Heavy Bag 54kg

Punching a boxing bag is one of the primary ways a boxer trains to maintain fitness levels. With the versatility of the punching bag, the workout options are endless. There are also many different styles and variations of bags to suit a range of different training regimes.


Speedballs aid in hand-eye coordination while keeping the fighter's hands up. The larger the bag, the more force is required to keep it moving; these bags help build strength and endurance, while a smaller bag will move quicker with less force, and the trainer can focus on speed, timing and coordination.

The floor-to-ceiling speed ball, punching ball on a stand, and double-ended strike bag are similar to this. The main difference is that the bag size can differ from product to product. Floor-to-ceiling speed balls react differently to a vertically hung speedball, as when the striker hits the ball, it responds by swinging faster towards him on the return. Due to its clever design, the user can diversify their training by incorporating dodges, swerves, punches and other boxing variations to improve coordination. Being able to rebound and react in different motions and angles, every hit and every training session is continually varied.

Heavy bags, whether suspended or freestanding, are used to develop power. A sturdy solid heavy bag can receive a continual beating. With a boxer able to train all punching combinations and toughen the hands and other limbs while training, a heavy bag is always a must-have for any series boxer.

Buy Everlast Punching Bags

We stock Everlast's fantastic range of punching bags, from easy-to-hang 3ft bags to the Heavy duty professional 1.9m heavy bag. These punching bags feature an adjustable chain and swivel set, and all come pre-filled ready-to-hang and punch for a fantastic boxing workout.

Buy VIP Sports Punching Bags

VIP sports punching bags have been around Australia for a while and are made in Melbourne. When you purchase a VIP sports bag, you can be confident you are getting a quality punching bag. The VIP sports bags are for professional and home gyms and offer a unique 650gsm durable vinyl material making them more durable than standard punching bags.

Need Help Selecting the Right Punching Bag?

At Dynamo fitness equipment, we know all there is to know about punching bags. Our friendly team is on hand to help you with any questions about punching bags, and we stock an extensive range at our Sydney, Melbourne and Perth stores. Call us today on 1300856542 and let our friendly staff help select the right boxing bag for you.