Hoist Commercial Incline Chest Press Machine Plate Loaded


Hoist Commercial Incline Chest Press Machine Plate Loaded

SKU: RPL-5303

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Experience the ultimate in upper chest workouts with the HOIST® Incline Chest Press featuring groundbreaking ROX™ technology. From start to finish, this machine ensures a secure and comfortable position for enthusiasts seeking targeted exercises. Aligning users with press arms at chest level, it smoothly transitions into a backward rocking motion, mimicking the incline chest press with unparalleled stability and ergonomic correctness.

Indulge in the luxury of independent, converging press arms, meticulously counter-balanced for a natural movement that minimizes stress on the anterior shoulder capsule, allowing for a gentle starting weight. Versatility meets comfort with contoured press arm handles, offering multiple grip positions suitable for users of all sizes.

Streamline your workout space with the convenience of generous built-in weight storage, facilitating quick plate adjustments while maintaining a tidy gym environment. Delve into the dynamic adjustments of the ROC-IT™ line from HOIST®, meticulously crafted to enhance comfort and security by aligning with your body's natural posture and flexibility. Don't just hear about it – embark on the journey yourself and DISCOVER THE THRILL!

Hoist Commercial Incline Chest Press Machine Plate Loaded Key Features:

  • Elevate your workout with ROC-IT® technology, seamlessly aligning you with press-arms from chest level to replicate the incline chest press motion.
  • Experience a natural movement and reduced stress on the anterior shoulder capsule with independent, converging press-arms.
  • Start with ease using counter-balanced press-arms for a gentle initial weight.
  • Enjoy versatile grip options with contoured press-arm handles.
  • Keep your gym organized with ample built-in weight storage.
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT 193kg (425 lbs)
  • MAX STORAGE 327kg (720 lbs)
  • MAX CAPACITY 363kg (800 lbs)