HOIST® Fitness is leading developer of fitness equipment based in San Diego, California, USA and specialises in producing premium strength training products and exercise bikes for commercial and home markets.

The company's commercial offerings span the globe, featuring in health clubs, colleges, professional sports gyms, YMCAs, community centers, hotels, multi-family homes, personal training facilities, corporate fitness centers, government facilities, and military installations. Similarly, our home products are widely distributed, adorning residences worldwide

Leaders In Innovation

The HOIST® Fitness System’s Ride Oriented Circuit Interval Training (ROC-IT) line embodies advanced research and technology, designed to accommodate human movement effectively. It caters to a wide range of individuals, from the de-conditioned and sedentary to the highly conditioned and athletic, offering tailored training solutions.



The ROC-IT® line of selectorized equipment stands out from the rest. These products involve users directly in the exercise motion by dynamically adapting their position as they activate target muscles to move the exercise arm. Through this continuous adjustment, ROC-IT products maintain proper biomechanics throughout the entire range of motion, ensuring effective workouts.

Hoist Roc-It Series

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Conventional machine-based exercises are often seen as non-functional because they fail to replicate real-life activities. Their inflexible designs restrict joint movements, forcing joints to adapt to unnatural machine motions, which can raise the risk of injury.

In contrast, the ROC-IT® line offers a distinctive training approach that combines the free joint movement and core engagement advantages of functional training with the stability benefits of machine-based equipment.

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