Hoist Commercial Seated Dip Machine Plate Loaded


Hoist Commercial Seated Dip Machine Plate Loaded

SKU: RPL-5101
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Unleash the power of precision with the HOIST® Seated Dip, engineered with groundbreaking ROX™ technology. This state-of-the-art machine redefines the dip exercise, offering a comfortable and safe way to sculpt your triceps, pecs, and shoulders.

Starting with a gentle forward lean, the equipment smoothly guides your body into alignment with the press arm's trajectory, ensuring optimal form throughout your workout. Adjustable handles, with both wide and narrow grips, cater to individual preferences, reducing strain on the shoulders and enhancing effectiveness.

Bid farewell to cluttered gym spaces with integrated weight storage, providing easy access to plates while maintaining organization. Experience the next level of fitness innovation with dynamic adjustment, which adapts to your body's natural movements for a seamless and secure workout every time.

Elevate your training regimen with the HOIST® Seated Dip—where precision meets performance, and results speak for themselves.

Hoist Commercial Seated Dip Machine Plate Loaded Key Features:

  • Elevate your triceps workout with ROC-IT® technology, perfectly replicating the motion of a bar dip.
  • Initiate your exercise with a slight forward lean, smoothly transitioning into a backward rock to align with the press arm's path.
  • Customize your grip with width-adjustable handles for precise positioning and reduced shoulder strain.
  • Stay organized and clutter-free with ample built-in weight storage, simplifying plate access and maintaining a tidy workout area.
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT 138kg (305 lbs)
  • MAX STORAGE 327kg (720 lbs)
  • MAX CAPACITY 363kg (800 lbs)