Yoga Bundle Sports Essentials
Yoga Bundle Sports Essentials
Yoga Matt Sports Essentials


Yoga Bundle Sports Essentials

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  • 1 x Exercise Yoga Mat Bodyworx
  • 1 x Massage Foam Roller 45cm
  • 1 x Eva Foam Yoga Brick Blue
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Calling all yogis! This bundle includes everything needed to start your yoga journey. Ideal for both avid and beginner yogis, this bundle combines all the yoga essentials you need to be able to work out anywhere, whether that be at home or at the gym. The Yoga Bundle Sports Essentials has all the yoga essentials, including mat, block, strap, and bag, for a comfortable and effective practice, perfect for any yogi.

The non-slip yoga mat and included block and strap improve grip, balance, and alignment during practice. The included bag makes it easy to take your yoga essentials with you for workouts at home or the gym.

Yoga Bundle Sports Essentials Includes:

  • 1 x Yoga Mat
  • 1 x Yoga Brick
  • 1 x Foam Roller